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location: FreesurferGoodies / AutomaticLabeling

# this is an example of an automatic labeling script for the left hemisphere, 
# for the PPG that we have drawn on the study average cortical surface called "myAverage"

## variables

## Freesurfer directory


## Processing:

lastsubj=`expr $nsubjects - 1`

for m in `seq 0 ${lastsubj}`
        echo "======================================================="
        echo " "
        echo " Computing hPPG cortex surface label left hemisphere"
        echo " "
        echo "======================================================="  

mri_label2label \
 --srcsubject myAverage \
 --srclabel ${thePath}/myAverage/label/lh.hPPG.label \
 --trgsubject ${subjects[m]} \
 --trglabel ${thePath}/${subjects[m]}/label/lh.hPPG.label \
 --hemi lh \
 --regmethod surface

done # subjects lh