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location: ConIG

Connectivity Interest Group (CONIG)

CONIG ran across the academic year 2012-2013, but has now evolved to the Cambridge Connectome Consortium (CCC).


Summer Term 2011

13 April (11am CBU LT)

Rik Henson (CBU)

Introduction to CONIG, connectivity and DCM for fMRI CONIG_Henson_1_Intro.ppt

6 May (FRIDAY, 11am, CBU LT)

Alex Clarke (CSL)

Synchronisation in the ventral stream supports complex semantic processing: evidence from MEG CONIG_PLVs_Alex_Clarke.pptx

12 May

James Rowe (CBU/CS)

Advanced DCM: Bayesian model selection, random/fixed effects, model families CONIG_DCM_Rowe.ppt

26 May

Michael Ewbank (CBU)

Example application of above to fMRI data on adaptation to visual images of bodies in EBA/FBA Ewbank_CONIG.pptx

9 June

Bernhard Staresina (CBU)

Measures of power-power, power-phase, phase-phase, etc using intracranial EEG staresina_conig.pdf

23 June

Rik Henson (CBU)

DCM for time-frequency coupling of E/MEG data: induced power and phase-locking MEEG_DCM_for_Time-Frequency.ppt . NB: if you want the movies for this ppt, then contact Rik

7 July

Elisabeth Von Dem Hagen (CBU)

ICA analysis of resting state fMRI data CONIG_EvdH.pptx

28 July

Matthew Brookes (Nottingham)

Relating functional connectivity in MEG and fMRI

Autumn Term 2011

20 Oct

Rik Henson (CBU)

DCM for evoked responses: similarities and important differences between MEG/EEG and fMRIEEG ConIG_DCM_for_Evoked_MEG_fMRI.ppt

3 Nov

John Griffiths (CSL)

Connecting structural and dynamic connectivity: conduction delays, fibre geometry, and tissue microstructure GriffithsConnectingStructuralDynamicConnectivity.ppt

17 Nov

Mika Rubinov (BCNI)

Characterization of complex functional brain networks conig_talk_mika_nov2011.pdf

1 Dec

Nick Furl (CBU)

Nonlinear frequency coupling among face-selective areas in schizophrenics and normal controls

15 Dec

Ben Crittenden (CBU)

Discussion of recent Lohmann et al critique of DCM for fMRI: ConIG_Dec2011_BC.pptx

Spring Term 2012

19 Jan

Nitin Williams (CBU)

Discussion of Sclogl & Supp paper on MVAR models, and derivation of COH, pCOH, iCOH, PDC, DTF etc: Schlogl06.pdf

2 Feb

Andrea Greve (CBU), Tim Rittman (CS), Simon Davis (CSL)

ICA for Resting State fMRI: choices for patient group studies: ICA_Theme_Variations.pdf

16 Feb

Tristan Bekinschtein (CBU)

Discussion of Boly et al Science paper on DCM for ERPs in VS patients

1 Mar

Prantik Kundu (Psychiatry)

Summary of his recent paper: Multi-Echo/ICA : A new framework for denoising fMRI data prantik_inpress.pdf

Summer Term 2012

3 May

John Griffiths (CSL)

Discussion of Friston et al, 2012: DCM for complex-valued data: cross-spectra, coherence and phase-delays FristonEtAl_NI_12_DCM_cross-spectra.pdf

17 May

Nitin Williams (CBU)

Discussion of Michalareas paper on projecting M/EEG MVAR coefficients into source space: Michalareas12.pdf

31 May

Petra Vertes (BMU)

Discussion of her paper on emergence of graph theoretic properties of the brain: VertesEtAl_PNAS_12_evolution_graph_properties_brain.pdf

3 July

Steve Smith (Oxford)

Mapping overlapping, dynamic brain networks from resting-state FMRI: Joint Meeting with Psychiatry Connectivity Group

12 July

Su Li (Neurolex)

DCM of self-regulation during real-time fMRI neurofeedback

Spring Term 2013

9 Jan

Rik Henson (CBU)

Measures of connectivity in MEG/EEGMEGTraining_Henson_Connectivity.ppt