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Previously used FMRI Sequences (Bruker scanner)

The scanner operation system has recently been upgraded from ParaVision 2.1 to ParaVision 3. The main advantages of the new operating system are faster processing speed, easier handling, and improved robustness against crashes. Further to this, the previous version will not be supported by the manufacturer in the future. Users are therfore strongly encouraged to use ParaVision 3 for all new imaging studies. ParaVision 2.1 will still be available, so that ongoing studies can be completed.

All previous imaging protocols have been upgraded and will be available with ParaVision 3. New methodological developments will only be available with ParaVision 3. This includes a new EPI sequence for fMRI (CBU_EPI_Standard) that offers improved robustness against susceptibility-induced signal losses.


Sequences available with ParaVision 3, the new scanner operating system

Brief description


The default EPI sequence for future fMRI studies. Improved robustness against susceptibility artefacts.


Identical to the previous new64_101_1.1 imaging protocol.


Identical to the previous new90_143_1.6 imaging protocol.


New field mapping sequence. Improved accuracy and speed. 16 echo images are acquired in a single shot. Total acquisition time: 30 s.

(Implementation in progress; anticipated date of release: 15 September 2004)

A specially designed sequence for Sparse Imaging.

(Implementation in progress; anticipated date of release: 15 August 2004)

A new 3D sequence for structural MRI. Improved gray/whitte matter contrast, and CSF suppression. Isotropic spatial resolution of 1mm, total acquisition time 10 min.

For further details contact Christian Schwarzbauer.

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