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Getting started

Once installed, to use the Automated Analysis system, first add the paths containing the aa components to Matlab. To do this at the CBU, for Siemens data type

>> aa_ver1

and for Bruker data type

>> aa_ver05


For aa version 1.0 and above, this Wiki supecedes the Word versions of the manuals previously provided.


Example user scripts are in the examples directory of your aa installation. At the CBU, these are

aa version 1.0 (Siemens data)


aa version 0.5 (Bruker data)



As well as the convenient features, hopefully the main contribution is as a framework we can use to share our analysis knowledge (tricks, code). If you have contributions in the form of: - bug reports - suggestions for improvements in the documentation - new modules - new recipes please send them to me and I will try to fix or incorporate them promptly.

  • Bruker: See how the system works

If you are interested in the guts, the main engine is here: /imaging/local/spm/aa/aa_ver0.4_beta/aa_engine the recipe and parameter set definition files are here: /imaging/local/spm/aa/aa_ver0.4_beta/aa_recipes_and_parametersets the modules are here /imaging/local/spm/aa/aa_ver0.4_beta/aa_modules

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