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Getting help on analysis

This is a suggested list of things and people to try if you need help with an imaging related issue. Please do try these various sources of information, because they may well have the answer to your problem, and save a poor, tired imager from dealing with your question. Be nice to us. You know it makes sense.

Two groups of problems usually come up when analyzing imaging data. The first group is technical; how to perform certain analyses, how to normalize data, how to display results, and so on. This page suggests sources of help of these technical questions. The second group is theoretical: how does the analysis work? Is it doing what I want it to do? How do I interpret this output, etc. These are better covered in the AnalysisPrinciples page.

If you are using SPM, have a look at the various sources of SPM help listed in SpmInformation.

If you can't see an answer to your question, and you are based in Cambridge, then try a message to our ImagersTechList. This is an excellent way of asking your question, because it allows everyone who may be interested in your message to see it, and usually the person with the most expertise in the area will try and reply.

If the question seems generally interesting, then you could suggest bringing it up at the end of one of our ImagersInterestGroup meetings.

You might also think of sending your question to the mailing list of the package you are using. There are instructions on how to join this list on the SPM pages. There is also an FSL mailing list and and a MarsBar mailing list.

If you have a question that we haven't covered here, maybe we should. Please let one of the ImagersWikiAdmins have any suggestions for topics or links for this mailing list; all received with thanks.

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