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1st Level Analysis 2: Basis functions, parametric modulation and correlated regressors

You can download a copy of Gayaneh and Oriel's talks here: BasisFunctions.ppt ParametricMod.ppt

Web Resources

Below is a list of web resources used in the talk

Basis Functions
Fourier Series Tutorial
Animated illustration of the convolution of two functions
The convolution theorem and its applications
A link to all the chapters of the Human Brain Function

Rik's SPM GLM powperpoint from our imaging wiki SPM.ppt

Correlated regressors

Design Magic toolbox- Multicollinearity assessment for fMRI for SPM


Basis Functions

Human Brain Function, Academic press, 2nd edition, 2003 (Chapter 10)

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Scott A Huttel et al.)

R.N.A. Henson, M.D. Rugg, and K.J. Friston. (2001) The choice of basis functions in event-related fMRI. NeuroImage, 13(6):149, Note: Supplement 1
PDF of paper

Dale.pdf Selective Averaging of Rapidly Presented Individual Trials Using fMRI
Josephs.pdf Event-Related fMRI
Friston.pdf Event-Related fMRI: Characterizing Differential Responses
Friston2.pdf Nonlinear Event-Related Responses in fMRI

Parametric regressors

Characterizing stimulus-response function using nonlinear regressors in parametric fMRI experiments’, Buchel et al, Neuroimage, 1998

PDF of paper

Using parametric regressors to disentangle properties of multi-feature processes’, Wood et al, Behavioural and Brain Functions, 2008 doi:10.1186/1744-9081-4-38
Link to paper

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