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Talks from 2015-2016 session


13th October - Chris Rogers (Statistical Laboratory) on 'Fundamental Fallacies of Finance'. A pdf file of Chris's talk slides is here.

16th November – Yoryos Lyratzopoulos (Cancer Epidemiology & Cancer Research-UK) on 'Variation in measures and markers of timeliness of diagnosis in cancer’. A .mp3 audio file of Yoryos's talk and associated discussion is here and powerpoint talk slides of Yoryos's talk are here.


8th February - Anthony Edwards (Gonville and Caius) on 'My Fisher: Memories of R.A.Fisher by his last student'. A .mp3 file of Anthony's talk and the ensuing discussion is here.

10th March - Katie Saunders (Cambridge Centre for Health Services Research) on 'Measuring Ethnicity in the NHS'. Slides from Katie's talk are here and the .mp3 file of the talk and discussion is here.

7th April – Ioanna Tachmazidou (Sanger Institute) on 'Genome-wide association studies: in search of common and low frequency variants in complex traits'. A pdf copy of Ioanna's talk slides is here.

28th April – Lisa Pennells (Department of Public Health and Primary Care) on 'Risk prediction for primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases'. A .mp3 recording of Lisa'a talk is here.

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