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Talks from 2010-2011 Session

19th October - Martin Gibson (formerly EMC Europe, Director of Lean Six Sigma) on 'The Good,The Bad and The Ugly of Lean Six Sigma'. A list (in MS Word format) of suggested further reading is given here.

24th November - Peter Ludford (Cambridgeshire County Council) on 'Keep Calm and Carry On - the evolution of post-war emergency planning and its role in the 21st century'. A powerpoint version of Peter's talk is here and a .mp3 audio file of the talk and discussion is here.


1st February - Simon Day (Roche Products Limited) on 'What constitutes adequate strength of evidence?'. Powerpoint slides are here. A .mp3 audio file of Simon's talk and discussion is here.

23rd February - David Pencheon (NHS Sustainable Development Unit) on ‘Head in the sand or Line in the sand: measuring progress of the public sector into a low carbon world’. Powerpoint slides of David's talk are here. Two .mp3 audio files of David's talk and discussion are here and here.

23rd March – Ian Nimmo-Smith (MRC) on 'Using spheres to navigate the brain'. Two .mp3 audio files of Ian's talk and discussion are here and here.

13th April – Shaun Seaman (MRC Biostatistics) on 'Missing data: what are the options?'. Slides of Shaun's talk (in pdf format) are here.

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