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2009- 2010 Session

Attachments are in pdf format.

20th October – Andrew McGuinness (EMB Consulting) on 'Monte Carlo methods in General Insurance'. Some of the models mentioned in the talk can be implemented in R. In particular details in R of the GLM fitted to the Mack model (section 3.5 in the pdf file) are given here.

19th November – Anne Campbell (Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust and former MP for Cambridge) on 'Would statistics help your MP?'


9th February – Tony Sabin (Amgen) on 'Predicting the probability of developing a successful cancer therapy'. Powerpoint slides of Tony's talk are here.

2nd March – Bill Janeway (Warburg Pincus & Cambridge University) on 'Six impossible things before breakfast...revisited:Lessons from the crisis'. Powerpoint slides of Bill's talk are here.

30th March – Doug Easton (CRUK Genetic Epidemiology Unit) on 'Genetic Epidemiology of Cancer'.

10th May - Tim Sparks (Poznan University of Life Sciences) on 'Harmless Pastime or Serious Science? What does Phenology tell us about the Impacts of a Changing Climate?'

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