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These pages are maintained by IanNimmoSmith and PeterWatson

~- Last updated on 12 October 2006 -~

Statistical Methods for Cognitive Psychologists

Michaelmas 2006

  • Level

    • This is a course planned with the needs in mind of a graduate student starting as a PhD student at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences and related institutions. It will in addition be open to others e.g. research assistants, junior scientists, visitors.
  • Style

    • The presentation will be as fairly formal lectures, each aiming
      • to outline a particular class of methods
      • to give examples of it being applied to realistic situations
      • to indicate how to implement it using software available at CBU
  • Location

    • Lectures will take place in the West Wing Lecture Theatre on Thursdays (except for the final one which is on a Tuesday) from 11 am till 12 noon and are being given by IanNimmoSmith and PeterWatson who will welcome any feedback. Also please note the penultimate lecture will now take place in the West Wing seminar room.

Links to updated PowerPoint and PDF files of the lecture notes are being added during the progress of the course.





Ian Nimmo-Smith

[attachment:1-anatomy-INS.ppt The anatomy of statistical methods: models, hypotheses, significance and power]


Peter Watson

[attachment:2-eda-PW.ppt Exploratory Data Analysis]


Ian Nimmo-Smith

[attachment:3-categorical-INS.ppt Categorical Data Analysis]


Peter Watson

[attachment:4-regression-PW2.ppt Simple and multiple linear regression]


Peter Watson

[attachment:5-banova.ppt ANOVA of balanced multi-factorial designs: between subject designs, and single subject studies]




Ian Nimmo-Smith

[attachment:6-GLM-INS.ppt The General Linear Model and complex designs including Analysis of Covariance]


Peter Watson

[attachment:7-POWER-PW.ppt Power analysis]


Ian Nimmo-Smith

Repeated Measures and Mixed Model ANOVA

7-Dec-06 NB in West Wing seminar room

Peter Watson

Latent variable models: factor analysis and all that

NB Tuesday 12-Dec-06

Ian Nimmo-Smith

Post-hoc tests, multiple comparisons, contrasts and handling interactions

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