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FAQs for analysis of variance

  1. [:FAQ/Sattherthwaite:Why are the degrees of freedom not whole numbers?]

  2. [:FAQ/df:How do I work out degrees of freedom for terms in an ANOVA?]
  3. [:FAQ/E:What does a number containing an 'E' signify?]
  4. [:FAQ/SumsOfSquaresTypes:In ANOVA and Regression, what do the various different types of Sums of Squares mean, and does the choice matter?]

  5. [:FAQ/Rss:Sums of squares used by R in lm, lmer and aov]

  6. [:FAQ/wmeans:A note about unequal group sizes in ANOVA]
  7. [:FAQ/sstypes:A note about different sums of squares in unbalanced factorial ANOVAs]
  8. [:FAQ/FVars: What is the variance of the mean of my transformed data?]
  9. [:FAQ/VarMSE: What is the value of the error variance for raw data using that of its scalar transformed data?]
  10. [:FAQ/rmform: How do I format data for input into a repeated measures analysis in SPSS?]
  11. [:FAQ/transp: What does the TRANSPOSE ALL DATA option in the RESTRUCTURE menu do in SPSS?]
  12. [:FAQ/restwb: Using the VARSTOCASES command in SPSS to convert repeated measures formatted data to a multilevel model format (and the CASESTOVARS command for the reverse operation).]
  13. [:FAQ/glmrm: How do I perform a repeated measures analysis of variance in SPSS?]
  14. [:FAQ/anovaR: How do I perform a repeated measures analysis of variance in R including correcting for sphericity?]
  15. [:FAQ/rpcon: How do I perform a non-standard comparison of means in a repeated measures anova in SPSS?]
  16. [:FAQ/bwss: What is the effect of dropping a between by within subjects interaction on other terms in a mixed anova?]
  17. [:FAQ/Interaction:How do I work out the meaning of a significant interaction?]

  18. [:FAQ/ancreg:Can I do an analysis of covariance using a regression?]
  19. [:FAQ/constantcov:Inappropriate use of a constant covariate in repeated measures ANCOVA]
  20. [:FAQ/Manova:How do I adjust for varying covariates in a repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS?]

  21. [:FAQ/WsubEffects: What is the difference between within subjects effects and within subjects contrasts in SPSS?]
  22. [:FAQ/Auc: What summary measures can I use to describe repeated measures?]
  23. [:FAQ/polybs: How do I test for a trend between group means representing different subjects?]
  24. [:FAQ/Tukey: How do I interpret subsets in Tukey's HSD output?]
  25. [:FAQ/TukeyKramer: How do I compare all pairwise comparisons in a between subjects anova (and in a repeated measures anova)?]
  26. [:FAQ/SimpleMainEffects:Why won't SPSS let me do post hoc tests involving a within-subjects factor?]

  27. [:FAQ/SimpleEffs:How do I do a simple effects analysis in SPSS?]

  28. [:FAQ/pvs:How do I adjust p-values for number of comparisons using SPSS, R or in a spreadsheet?]
  29. [:FAQ/SpssBonferroni:Adjusted p-values]

  30. [:FAQ/RepeatedMeasuer:Repeated measures, Mixed models and Split-plot designs: A Rant]

  31. [:FAQ/ResidsRepMeas:How do I check Normality assumptions in repeated measures analyses in SPSS?]

  32. [:FAQ/Mauchly:What is the formula for Mauchly's W used for testing sphericity in univariate repeated measures anova?]

  33. [:FAQ/orthopolys:Fitting linear orthogonal polynomials]
  34. [:FAQ/lincon:How do I compare group means in a non-standard post-hoc contrast?]
  35. [:FAQ/ss:Formulae for interaction sums of squares in balanced designs]