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Making home pages on the CBU wiki system

The home pages are set up a little oddly on the CBU system.

There are two types of home pages - wiki-specific home pages and shared wiki home pages.

Wiki-specific home pages

The default behavior in the CBU wiki farm is the standard one - of having your home page based on the wiki in which you created it.

To make yourself a wiki-specific personal page connected to your username (e.g. mine is MatthewBrett), click on your username in the bar at the top or at the left of the page (depending on the wiki you are on), and chose the Home Page template to create your page. If you did this when in the imaging wiki, for example, this home page will be based on the imagers wiki, and will not be visible from any other wiki. The same is true if you try and make a home page on the base wiki (CBU base wiki home page).

Sometimes this is not what you want - and you want to be able to make your home pages available from more than one wiki. For example, you might, like me, want MatthewBrett to refer to the same set of pages if it is in the mri wiki or the imaging wiki. In this case you will need a shared wiki home page.

Shared wiki home pages

The shared wiki home page is very simple. Basically, you need to create your home page as above, say on the imaging wiki, and then ask me (MatthewBrett) to run a script to move your home page to the base wiki, and link your base wiki home page to your home page on the various wikis, so that, when someone clicks on (for me) MatthewBrett, from the imaging wiki, they get redirected to your home page on the base wiki. Similarly, if they click on MatthewBrett on the mri wiki, they get redirected to the home page on the base wiki.

To get this set up, make the home page, and send me an email with your username, and the wikis you want to be able to see your home page from (see for a list of CBU wikis).

Linking to other pages from a shared wiki home page

The linking trick works quite nicely apart from one detail - if you link to other pages from your shared home page, you need to specify which wiki the page is based on. For example. let us say you are looking in the mri wiki, and have clicked on MatthewBrett. You get my home page, and my home page has a link to - say - UsingThisWiki. You are now looking at my home page as it is in the base wiki, but are still in the mri wiki. If you click on the UsingThisWiki link, it will look for the UsingThisWiki page in the mri wiki - but it is in fact in the imaging wiki, so the system will not find it. So, for shared home pages, each WikiWord link needs to be qualified with the InterWiki name that specifies the wiki the link points to - even if it is the base wiki. For example, if I wanted to link to a base wiki page from my shared wiki home page, I would need something like:


instead of the more usual (wiki specific):


See the CbuInterwikiNames page for a list of InterWiki names for the CBU wiki farm.