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Databases for Stimulus Selection and Evaluation

Visual Word Recognition

[ CELEX Psycholinguistic Database] (orthographic, phonetic and lexical information on English/German/Dutch words)

[ MRC Psycholinguistic Database UWA], (orth/phon/lex information on English words, plus imageability ratings; direct access to search engine [ here)

[ Bristol Norms] (Age-of-acquisition, imageability and familiarity)

[ English Lexicon Project] (orth/phon/lex information on English words, plus Lexical Decision and Reading Latencies, HAL Frequencies etc.)

[ British National Corpus] (English words and phrases)

[ Wordsmith] (anagrams, dictionary etc.)

[ Princeton WordNet] (Conceptual-semantic networks)

[ Edinburgh Word Association Thesaurus] (empirical semantic word association data)

Picture Naming

[ Snodgrass&Vanderwart Original], and [ Snodgrass&Vanderwart revisited] (visual, semantic and phonological information on line drawings)

[ The International Picture Naming Project] (norms for picture naming in 7 different language, plus some norms for reading and repetition)

[ McRae's Semantic Feature Norms] (norms for living and nonliving basic-level concepts, see [ Paper])

Emotion Research

[ International Affective Picture System (IAPS)]