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Skills-oriented training opportunities at the CBU

We offer a comprehensive skills-oriented training programme for PhD students and post-doctoral researchers from interdisciplinary backgrounds. This includes modules on scientific computing and programming (Linux, Matlab), good research practice in scientific computing, signal processing in Matlab, and specialised neuroimaging workshops focussed on (f)MRI and EEG/MEG analysis.

Our programme provides junior researchers with

  1. state-of-the-art analysis tools for high-quality research,
  2. skills that increase their efficiency and independence,
  3. knowledge that enables them to critically evaluate neuroimaging literature
  4. transferrable skills that can be useful outside academia.

Most of our workshops are organised as block courses, in order to provide new starters with the necessary skills as early and efficiently as possible. The hands-on parts of our programme make use of 15 CBU laptops dedicated to training purposes.

The core components of our skills-oriented training programme are:

  1. Introduction to Scientific Computing and Good Research Practice: An introduction to Best Practice in Scientific Computing, Linux, command line interfaces, the CBU computing system, and principles of reproducible science. This includes theory and hands-on practice.

  2. PyBrain - Introduction to Neuroimaging in Python: A series of online workshops by several external experts on the stimulus presentation, MRI, fMRI and EEG/MEG analysis in Python.

  3. Introduction to Neuroimaging Methods: Lectures and hands-on workshops on central aspects of (f)MRI and EEG/MEG analysis, from data acquisition over pre-processing to statistics. Software will be based on Python and Matlab. This also includes a lecture on brain stimulation techniques.

  4. Statistical Methods for Cognitive Psychologists: Lectures on theory and applications of statistical methods in cognitive science aimed at new PhD students.

These workshops are complemented by a number of one-off workshops on selected topics, e.g. on statistics in R and specific neuroimaging analysis software.

Courses are taught at the CBU by a diverse team of tutors from the Cambridge neuroscience community, who are at the forefront of their research areas. Our training programme also provides a welcome opportunity to gain teaching experience for junior researchers.

For more information, subscribe to our skills-training mailing list (Non-CBU people can subscribe by sending an e-mail to skillstraining-subscribe (at) mrc-cbu (dot) cam (dot) ac (dot) uk), or contact Olaf Hauk.

Methods Foundations

Elementary Mathematics for Biologists:,

Mathematical Biology:

Neuroimaging Methods

Introduction to Neuroimaging Methods (lectures and workshops at CBU):

SPM lectures:

SPM software courses:

Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre:, courses:

SPM, FSL and other courses:

Cambridge Connectome Consortium (CCC):

Signal Processing

Matlab for Psychologists and Neuroscientists (with links to more resources):

Cambridge Machine Learning Group: (scroll down for courses)

Machine Learning seminars at the Cambridge University Engineering Department:

Programming and Computing

Matlab: Introduction to Matlab at the CBU

Online courses: Code Academy, MatlabAcademy (Mathworks)

Cambridge University Computing Service Training:

Computer Laboratory:

Introduction to Computer Science: (see e.g. "Lectures" section)


CBSU Statistics Lectures for Cognitive Scientists: (scroll down)

Statistics for Graduate Life Scientists:

Cambridge Statistics Discussion Group (CSDG) seminars:

MRC Biostatistics Unit:

Centre for Applied Medical statistics (CAMS)

Statistical Laboratory Seminars:

Cambridge University Statistics Clinic:

Resources, Talks and Events for Cognitive Neuroscience

Research Seminars at the CBU (Chaucer Club, WLTS etc.)

CBSU Interest Groups:

CBSU Graduate Seminars in Cognitive and Brain Sciences:

Experimental Psychology Graduate Programme:

PPD Graduate Development Programme:

Cambridge Neuroscience:

Kenneth Craig Club:

Zangwill Club:

Graduate School of Life Sciences:

Experimental Psychology Undergraduate Programme:

Psychology and Behavioural Sciences Undergraduate Programme:

Natural Sciences Undergraduate Programme:

External Events, Summer Schools, Workshops etc.

An abundant source of on-line courses:

SPM courses:

Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging: (see e.g. "Short Courses" for 1- or 2-week courses on neuroimaging)

Fieldtrip (EEG/MEG analysis) workshops:

EEGlab workshops: (scroll down)

FSL: (google for other venues)

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