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Scanner sync

This is a tool to help you synchronise your Windows experiments (e.g., Visual Basic, Matlab or Eprime) with the MRI scanner.

Download the library.

Unzip the file. If you do not have zip, download it from Winzip.

Run the set-up file.

See ScannerSyncDocumentation

If you'd like to know how to use the libraries from Eprime click here.

You may also use them from Matlab. Tom Morey provided a template to show how to do this, available here


If you have problems using new commands, check that your system has adopted the new version. To do this, load a VB program that uses the libraries, and add

MsgBox "Current scanner sync version is " & objSS.GetVersion

If your system does not have the GetVersion command, you definitely have an old version. If it does give the version number, check it is the latest one (1.3.4 on 27/05/03)

If not, there is a clash between the old and new versions. To resolve this, go to the Start Menu, and choose Settings->Control Panels-> Add/Remove programs. Delete all of the old versions, re-install and re-check.

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