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'''[[https://sccn.ucsd.edu/~arno/fam2data/publicly_available_EEG_data.html|List of EEG/ERP data sets]]''' openly available for download.
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'''[[https://osf.io/82p6x/|ComPlex]]''' eye-movement database of compound word reading in English

List of openly available datasets

This is a collection of links to openly available datasets. There is a separate page with links to other databases (e.g. for stimulus generation and evaluation).
If you would like add something, please contact <Olaf DOT Hauk AT mrc-cbu DOT cam DOT ac DOT uk> or <Johan DOT Carlin AT mrc-cbu DOT cam DOT ac DOT uk>.
You must contact our IT department (<it-help AT mrc-cbu DOT cam DOT ac DOT uk>) before downloading any large datasets at the CBU.
Note that some datasets require registration or licensing before you are allowed to access them.


Cam-CAN (Cambridge Centre for Aging and Neuroscience large-scale data set)

Multimodal, multi-subject data set (EMEG and (f)MRI, famous/unfamiliar/scrambled faces)

Mother of unification studies (204-subject multimodal neuroimaging dataset to study language processing)

Human Connectome Project ("unparalleled compilation of neural data")

UK Biobank (huge medical database including neuroimaging data)

Amsterdam Open MRI Collection (A set of multimodal MRI datasets for individual difference analyses)

OpenfMRI (free and open sharing of raw magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) datasets)

OpenNEURO (free and open platform for sharing MRI, MEG, EEG, iEEG, and ECoG data)

Wikipedia (list of neuroscience databases)

OASIS (longitudinal neuroimaging, clinical, cognitive, and biomarker dataset for normal aging and Alzheimer’s Disease)

CoCoMac Database, Collations of Connectivity data on the Macaque brain

Neurosynth (automated "meta-analysis" of fMRI data)

Studyforrest (publicly available neuroimaging data)

MEG-Sim (simulated MEG data)

Neural ElectroMagnetic Ontologies (NEMO, resources to support representation, classification, and meta-analysis of brain electromagnetic data)

multiBrain (A list of brain imaging datasets with multiple scans per subject.)

ERP-Core (The ERP CORE provides stimulus presentation scripts, data from 40 neurotypical young adults, and EEGLAB/ERPLAB processing scripts for 6 optimized ERP paradigms.)

List of EEG/ERP data sets openly available for download.


Some links to language-related databases on the Language Group Wiki

Linguistic Data Consortium (a collection of databases etc., see e.g. their Catalog page).

English Lexicon Project (orth/phon/lex information on English words, plus Lexical Decision and Reading Latencies, HAL Frequencies etc.)

British National Corpus (English words and phrases)

Database of Visual Eye Movements (DOVES, collection of eye movements from 29 human observers as they viewed 101 natural calibrated images)

Eye movements during viewing of complex images

Data repositories for eye-tracking research

OpenEDS (large-scale dataset of eye-images captured using virtual reality)

ComPlex eye-movement database of compound word reading in English

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