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The Cambridge Methods In Cognitive Neuroscience Day will take place on '''7 February 2022'''. == 7 February 2022 ==

Cambridge Methods In Cognitive Neuroscience Day

7 February 2022

Our talks will cover methods developments and applications in behavioural sciences, neuroimaging and brain stimulation. The format of the day (online, hybrid, in-person) will be announced in due course.

The event is free and will not require registration. Attendance will be limited to users from the cam.ac.uk domain.

Videos of previous Methods Days can be found on the CBU’s web-site.


If the PDF doesn't show up in your browser you can open the Methods Day Schedule here.

Please have a look at this year's schedule:

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For questions and comments please contact olaf.hauk@mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk .

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