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You can watch our previous [[http://www.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/video/methods-day-2017/|Methods Day talks]]. The next one will be publicised in due course. You can watch our previous [[http://www.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/video/methods-day-2017/|Methods Day talks]].

Cambridge Methods In Cognitive Neuroscience Day

The next Cambridge Methods In Cognitive Neuroscience Day will take place on 4 December 2018 in the Lecture Theatre of the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. Please have a look at our schedule.


The day will consist of a number of short talks by cognitive neuroscientists from Cambridge grouped into several sessions covering (f)MRI, EEG/MEG and Brain Stimulation, Multivariate Pattern Analysis and Data Collection and Statistical Methodology.

Attendance is open to everyone, no registration required. However, spaces are limited, and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please note there will be no on-site parking for non-CBU visitors.

You can watch our previous Methods Day talks.

For questions and comments, e.g. if you would like to propose a talk, please contact olaf.hauk@mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk .

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