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Introduction to Matlab

Below you will find the schedule of our “Introduction to Matlab” lectures, held in the CBSU lecture theatre on Tuesdays, 14.00, between November 6 and December 11. Matlab is the Swiss Army Knife of data analysis: no matter whether you are analysing neuroimaging data, behavioural data or your latest bank statements, Matlab can make you do things you thought were never possible.

This time, lectures will be combined with hands-on sessions in the computer users room at the CBSU. The details will be confirmed later. Space in the computer users room is limited, so it would be good if we had an idea of how many people we may have to accommodate. If you are interested, please drop me (Olaf Hauk) a line.

Our lectures are aimed at researchers with no or little prior experience to programming (in Matlab or otherwise). We are not intending to provide a full Matlab course, but we hope we can significantly facilitate the first few steps. For other options, see e.g. opportunities at Cambridge University (, or on-line tutorials (

Please note that the first lecture by Russell will be on general computing issues, and is not specific to Matlab.

Any suggestions of feedback on our previous lectures would be very welcome.

Lectures will take place in the CBSU lecture theatre.




6 November 14.00

Introduction to the CBSU computing system and best practice in computingBROverview of CBSU computing resources; using/accessing the computing system; best practice in file management; basic Linux commandsBR[ PDF of the lecture]

Russell Thompson

13 NovemberBR14.00

Getting started with MatlabBRFirst steps in Matlab; the workspace and command window; variables – what they are and what they are for; basic commands; the editor; scripts and functionsBR [attachment:LectureHandouts.pdf] [attachment LectureSlides.pdf] []

Yaara Erez

20 November 14.00

Basic Matlab commandsBRBasic commands and functions; loops and conditional statements; tips and tricks

Jason Taylor

27 November 14.00

Examples of Matlab applicationsBRMatlab applied to simple problems in EEG/MEG and MRI analysis; simplifying Matlab code using basic matrix algebra; reading and writing data; basic matrix operations

Olaf Hauk

4 December 14.00

Structuring and debugging Matlab codeBRWriting clear and fast Matlab code; editing scripts and functions; debugging Matlab code

Danny Mitchell

11 December 14.00

Visualisation in MatlabBRVisualisation options in Matlab; creating and editing figures; plotting curves

Matt Davis BR Ediz Sohoglu

13 December (Thu) 14.00

Matlab and SPMBRVariables and structures in SPM; how to access/check information in SPM; tips and tricks; question time

Rik Henson