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Comparison of FSL / BrainVisa? Comparison of



 * DTIStudio

 * DTITrack

 * Camino
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MatthewBrett Ian NimmoSmith and MatthewBrett

Diffusion Weighted Imaging

We are developing diffusion weighted imaging analysis.

This page records various current plans and problems.


There has been a DtiSpikingArtefact in some DTI images. See SpmDtiToolbox for some work on diagnosing the problem.


MatthewBrett is working on a SpmDtiToolbox

Optimizing acquisition

  • Liaise with Oxford group on protocols
  • Consider different protocols for different analyses

Optimizing fibre tracking

Comparison of

Display of fibre tracks

Work on installing using BrainVisa / Anatomist (OpenGL problem).

Consider other software. dtiquery? NAMIC toolkit? New software?

Reading List

See DiffusionPapers (Cambridge permissions)

Ian NimmoSmith and MatthewBrett

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