Running MEG studies

MEG researcher Status (compulsory to use the MEG lab)

MEG operator status (compulsory to operate the MEG lab)




Stimulus Presentation

Response Collection


Eye Tracking

Subject Preparation

Check Stimulus Before Testing

Acquisition Tips


Before you start your study

During Data Acquisition

While it is the responsibility of the qualified MEG operator to make sure the recording is running smoothly, the researcher should make sure all the settings for stimulus presentation and data acquisition are correct.

These are a few things to look out for at the beginning of each recording:


If you are using any non-standard equipment or make any changes in the settings (be they hardware or software), make sure to undo your changes in the end of your recording slot and leave the lab in the same state you found it before the recording.

For your general information, manuals for the data acquisition software are available to people with Cambridge approved logins at ElektaSoftwareManuals.