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Neuromag Software

We have two HP workstations on which Neuromag software runs fine. We also have pre-release versions that run under Linux (Redhat4). These can be called directly from the command line, and will run on a linux box with the minimal current load. See AccessingNeuromagSoftware for more details about these different options.

The Neuromag software consists of several separate programs:

  • MaxFilter - for applying SSS to averaged or raw data. Removes much noise. Necessary if Active Shielding used. Also vital for movement compensation, and many other features.

  • Xplotter - for viewing averaged files and doing basic operations (like subtractions)

  • Xfit - advanced tool for dipole fits (single and multiple ECD) to averaged files

  • Graph - flexible (though complicated) software for processing both raw data (eg spectral analysis, averaging) and averaged files (eg statistics). Can be batched to do anything with any kinds of data.

  • Seglab - for segmenting MRIs and creating BEMs

  • MRILab - for coregistering MRI and MEG data, and creating forward models. Can be used in combination with Xfit for overlaying ECDs on MRIs.

  • MCE - Minimum Current Estimate, and L1-norm distributed solution

  • Dicom Access - converting DICOM files to FIFF format. Necessary if you want to use MRILab or SegLab.

If you have Cambridge / CBU permissions, you can access the ElektaSoftwareManuals.

For more general information on analysis with Neuromag software, visit here NeuromagAnalysis.

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