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Introduction to EEG/MEG

Lectures given at the pre-conference workshop of the 7th Annual MEGUK2013 conference

Wednesday, 9 January 2013, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit

[attachment:Measurement_OlafHauk_MEGUK2013.pdf "EEG/MEG signals and their measurement"]

([ Olaf Hauk]

[attachment:Preprocessing_JasonTaylor_MEGUK2013.pdf "Preā€processing"]

[ Jason Taylor]

[attachment:ForwardModelling_MattiStenroos_MEGUK2013.pdf "Forward Modelling"]

[ Matti Stenroos]

[attachment:SourceEstimation_OlafHauk_MEGUK2013.pdf "Source Estimation"]

[ Olaf Hauk]

[attachment:Statistics_JasonTaylor_MEGUK2013.pdf "Statistical Analysis"]

[ Jason Taylor]

[attachment:Multimodal_RikHenson_MEGUK2013.pdf "Multi-Modal Integration"]

[ Rik Henson]

[attachment:TimeFrequency_AlexClarke_MEGUK2013.pdf "Time-Frequency Analysis"]

[ Alex Clarke]

[attachment:Connectivity_RikHenson_MEGUK2013.pdf "Connectivity Analysis"]

[ Rik Henson]

[attachment:Multivariate_LiSu_MEGUK2013.pdf "Multi-Variate Analysis"]

[ Li Su]

Please visit our [ Wiki pages] for more information, e.g. for an [ Introduction to EEG/MEG] page.