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Categories are an important feature on wikis. Creating a category is easy: you just have to write a category name onto the page and you are done. MoinMoin even simplifies this by letting you choose from a list of available categories while you are editing the page.

On the page of the category, you can give a brief description of the category's contents. If you want to get a list of all pages in that particular category, either click the title of the category or insert a suitable macro which lists the pages:

  • <<FullSearch(category:CategorySamples)>> lists all pages in the category CategorySamples (alternative you can use <<FullSearchCached(@PAGE@)>>) (FullSearchCached caches the search results and therefore displays a category page quicker and also produces less load for the wiki server, for more information please read HelpOnMacros)

  • <<FullSearch(category:CategoryRecipes -category:CategoryCake)>> lists every recipe if it is not about a cake :-)

  • See HelpOnSearching for further information about the syntax.

Normally, categories have to be named like CategorySomething. If you want to allow other patterns like Cat├ęgorieGaffeur (that is French by the way), then the administrator needs to change the configuration option page_category_regex according to the users' language, see HelpOnConfiguration for configuration tips and ConfigMarket for configuration presets.

The best choice is to create category pages from a CategoryTemplate (see HelpOnTemplates).