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Eye tracking

The CBU currently has 3 eye trackers. One is in the MEG lab, one in the MRI scanner, and one separate eye tracker is in the eye tracking lab in room 443. All eye trackers are manufactured by SR Research.

Eye tracking fundamentals

Fundamental information about eye tracking technology

eyemovementresearch.com - A very good online resource for anything related to eye tracking

CBU Behavioural Eye Tracking Lab

The CBU Eye Tracking Lab is located in room 443 in the west wing. It contains the SR Eyelink 1000 tracker.

Using eye trackers

Eye tracking is not as easy as it might look, and there's also quite a bit of variability between subjects. Most problems can be solved and with the vast majority of people you should be able to acquire decent quality eye tracking data.

Eye tracker setup

Common eye tracking problems

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