Welcome to the CBU EEG lab

The CBU EEG lab hosts a variety of research projects in the areas of perception, language and cognition. We employ a 128-channel, active electrode BrainAmp (Brain Products) EEG setup and all recordings are performed in an acoustically and electrically shielded chamber. The lab is equipped with a Polhemus Digitisation System, as well as with E-Prime and Cogent stimulation systems. For data processing, we have available the software packages SPM, Curry, MNE, BESA, ASA, Scan, Brain Vision Analyzer, etc (see here). We also develop our own analysis tools in Matlab.

In addition to measuring ERPs, we perform MEG (magnetoencephalography) in our CBU MEG Laboratory. We also conduct fMRI experiments using the CBU Siemens Tim Trio 3T system and Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre in Cambridge.