NAME - parses DMDX input and .zil files to output times in TRs

If you have an input file myexp.rtf, and an output file my_exp.zil in the same directory. You want the stim / response times from the second subject. The first 6 scans were dummy scans, and the pulse from the scanner occurs at the beginning of the scan. The subjects potential responses were button press 1 (+Bit0 in DMDX), and button press 2. myexp.zil -subject 2 -dummies 6 -pdelay 0 -respstr +Bit0 -respstr +Bit1

will output the stimulus and response times in TRs relative to the onset of the first non-dummy scan, as a text file myexp_sub2.txt

See ZilUtility for more information.

Note: requires RTF::Parser, available via CPAN: