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Notes on Scripting, Batching and Tasking for SPM5

  • Why Script?

    • A large part of SPM code is complex housekeeping related to files and directories
    • Tailoring requires attention to these housekeeping matters
      • Have I got the right files?

    • Need to create novel suite of analyses out of a number of core modules
    • Intercommunication via the SPM.mat structure



  • Why Batch?
    • Need to perform same or similar analyses on several datasets


    • Spm5Tasks

    • How to access them
    • What they do
      • Query: how to get jobs saves a .m or .xml files as well as a .mat file? - These options could be useful as these are text files and easier to edit.

    • Job/task manager can be extended
    • To be clarified: there is some barely undocumented functionality for linking up tasks in sequence so that output of one task become the input to the next. E.g. if you add a normalisation after creating a realignment you will see the option of choosing r* files for normalizing despite the fact that they do not yet exist!


  • Other approaches

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