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= Automating spm99 Analyses = = Automating SPM Analyses =
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SPM 99 PET analyses can be automated using the CBU CSV modfications to the standard SPM statistical design. Visit PetModelAutomation99 for SPM99
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Download this file attachment:cbu_csv99_ui.m, put it somewhere in your Matlab run path, and run it from the Matlab command window: Visit PetModelAutomation2 for SPM2
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This utility is a modified version of the SPM99 interface (spm_spm_ui.m) for specifying the design and image file locations in a PET study.

This automates the stages, after design type selection, of specifying group, subject, condition, replicate and covariate information by preparing a text file in advance and then telling SPM99 to read from this file. If you create a design in the standard point-click-type interface, a re-usable text file named ''design.csv'' is created in the requisite format.

I have found this facility useful for running multiple 'what if' analyses - seeing what the effect is of dropping a subject, or a condition, or adding an extra covariate, etc. etc., at the cost of a few edits to a text file.

Documentation is in attachment:details99.txt
Visit PetModelAutomation5 for SPM5

Automating SPM Analyses

Visit PetModelAutomation99 for SPM99

Visit PetModelAutomation2 for SPM2

Visit PetModelAutomation5 for SPM5

Let me know if you have any problems or comments.

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