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mpr coregistration

mpr is a mutual information coregistration program. In my experience it is more robust than SPM, particularly with difficult coregistrations. It runs on Sun workstations, and is written by the Guys Hospital Computational Imaging Science Group (CISG). It is available for free download, with licence available (free) via email.

It is already installed in the CBU along with the SPM interface, so CBU users do not need to download the files below.

Some details of mpr, including writing credits etc, are available at the CISG software site.

In situations where the spm coregistration fails, such as:

  • The data to coregister is not of a type expected by SPM (SPM expects water PET, T1/T2/PD/EPI MRI, or transmission scans).
  • The brain is damaged, so that it does not well match the MNI templates

mpr often produces a better match.By default, mpr has a command line interface, but I have written a matlab wrapper for it so that it can be used pretty seamlessly with spm 99b.

Installing the mpr / SPM files

For non-CBU users, here is an archive containing the mpr matlab routines.The archive contains routines that allow the use of mpr with spm. To install the files in the archive (to repeat - not necessary for CBU users):

  1. Unpack the archive into a directory on your matlab path. To do this, follow the instructions on the archive extraction page.

  2. Obtain the mpr software and (free) licence from the CISG site.

  3. Set up the licence file for the machine that you are running matlab / spm on.

To use the mpr / SPM routines

First, run spm99.Type

>> mpr

in the matlab window, then select the image you want to coregister and the image to coregister to.The program gives you the usual choices for reslicing etc.

Matthew Brett

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