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[ MarsBaR] is a region of interest toolbox for SPM99, SPM2 and SPM5. It is installed at the CBU.

The development version supports SPM5. To use this, start SPM / matlab on a machine that will run SPM5 (see [:CbuComputingResources#Software:the CBU computing page]).

MarsBaR should be available via the toolboxes button (let MatthewBrett know if not).

You can also make MarsBaR available by manually adding the path:

To do this, type the following at the matlab prompt:

addpath /imaging/local/spm/marsbar/marsbar-devel-0.41

to start MarsBaR.

Local help for MarsBaR

Some pages showing basic steps (with screenshots) exist.

[ Steps for creating ROIs from an SPM cluster, and exporting ROIs to nii or hdr/img.]

[ Steps for extracting signal from Regions of Interest, for import into Excel/SPSS/etc., to do second level analysis.]

Here are some marsbar batch files: attachment:marsbarbatch.m : this batch file takes a list of coordinates and makes sphere ROIs, saving them in MarsBar and .nii format.

attachment:marsbarbatchextract.m : this batch takes all rois in a directory, and extracts data from all the con/beta images in another directory, saving the data to a text file.

attachment:marsbarbatchconvert.m : this batch file converts rois to .nii format

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