Project Presentation Meetings (PPM) and Imagers Interest Group surgeries (IIGs)

The meetings are every Monday, 12.30-2.30pm, Lecture Theatre, MRC CBU

Chair: Johan Carlin (Becky Gilbert for web-based studies)

Deputy Chair: Olaf Hauk and Marta Correia

Organiser: Matthew Sharrock

To present your imaging project proposal, and (compulsory for internal projects) you must send the title and the list of researchers involved by Thursday noon at the latest to and

We also organise talks by external speakers at the IIG. Those Mondays will not be available for project presentations, unless there are compelling reasons. Please ask early for available IIG slots by contacting and .

This meeting now runs for up to 2 hours (always starting at 12.30), and may consist of project proposals/project feedbacks, with the remaining time given to methods questions from the audience, or scheduled methods presentations.

See the IigSchedule (now called the PPM schedule) for the list of past and future meetings. The PPM page is also linked to the Imagers Management Committee.

Once presented, your project proposal will require IMC approval. (See below)

The information required for an IIG project proposal is specified in these PPT templates:





Important notes about project presentations

An overview of the procedures for undertaking an imaging projects here

Project proposals at the IIG serve to

1) allow the IMC to evaluate the suitability and priority of a project within the research programmes at the CBU, and make sure the projects follow guidelines of good research practice.

2) open a project for general discussion, clarify outstanding scientific issues, allow feedback for further improvement of the project.

General guidelines: