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Demo of SPM5 for CBU MEG analysis

Rik Henson


MRI Proposal

What can MVPA tell us about the types of information coded by the PFC?

Alex Woolgar, John Duncan and Dan Bor


MEG Proposal

"Luck in the brain": MMN and abstract meaning

Kambiz Tavabi, Yury Shytrov & Friedemann Pulvermuller

MRI+MEG proposal

Neural Basis of Perceptual Awareness

Valia Rodriguez and John Duncan

MRI+MEG proposal

Face processing in a prosopagnosic

Rik Henson, Elias Mouchlianitis, Andy Calder, Bruno Rossion

MRI proposal

PFC role in task set maintenance

Kristof Kovacs, Adrian Owen, Daniel Bor



Diffusion Tensor Imaging

Geoff Parker (University of Manchester)

MEG proposal

Measuring access to the magnitude representation of the IPS in the numerical Stroop paradigm

D Szucs, F Soltesz


MEG Proposal

How does the brain make sense of what it sees?

Lorina Naci, Emmanuel Stamatakis, Kirsten Taylor, Lorraine Tyler

MRI proposal

Categorical perception of expression and identity

Lauri Nummenmaa, Michael Ewbank, Rik Henson, Andy Calder

MEG Proposal

Farmers in corners: the time course of morphological decomposition

Caroline Whiting, Yury Shtyrov, William Marslen-Wilson


MRI proposal

Effect of eye gaze and anxiety on face expression analysis

Michael Ewbank, Lauri Nummenmaa, James Rowe, Andy Calder

MRI proposal

Probing attention and volition in vegetative state patients: a proof of concept in healthy individuals

Martin Monti, Martin Coleman & Adrian Owen


MEG proposal

MEG/EEG study of response selection

James Rowe and Alex Andrade



Non-invasive investigation of large-scale neural interactions in humans

Joachim Gross (Glasgow)

MEG proposal

Synchronisation of Speech Evoked MEG Responses

Matt Davis, Joachim Gross


MRI Proposal

Beat initiation versus continued beat perception in fMRI

Jessica Grahn, James Rowe


MRI proposal

Adaptation to quantity information in the IPS

Denes Szucs & Rhodri Cuscak

MEG proposal

Spatio-temporal patterns of brain activation in semantic dementia and Broca's aphasia

Rachel Holland, Lisa Brindley, Friedemann Pulvermuller, Yury Shtyrov, Jason Taylor, Kambiz Tavibi, Karalyn Patterson

MEG proposal

Time-course of object processing at different levels of specificity: Effects of Conceptual Structure

Alex Clarke, Lorraine Tyler, Kirsten Taylor


MEG proposal

MEG correlates of Semantic and Episodic Memory: Can we discriminate ‘worried well’ and mild cognitive impairment?

Lisa Brindley, Jason Taylor, Rik Henson, Yury Shtyrov, John Olichney & Peter Nestor

MRI proposal

Activity in pre-SMA for response selection and response timing

Richard Armstrong, Matthew Brett, Sam Burnand, and James Rowe



Inversion Algorithms for Electromagnetic Brain Activity -First Year PhD Report

Eleftherios Garyfallidis


Discussion of thresholding methods in fMRI

Jessica Grahn



Real-time fMRI

Nikolaus Weiskopf



The importance of being connected: time-frequency approaches to functional connectivity

Alexandre Andrade

MRI Proposal

Neural mechanisms for perception of biological motion in autism spectrum

Lauri Nummenmaa,Michael Ewbank,Anthony Atkinson and Andy Calder