Recent Updates:

2008/12/15 Installed latest FSL



to use it[RC]

2008/10/6 small FSL patch requested by Mirjana

Ask her if you're curious [RC]

2008/9/15 FSL patches applied as requested by Eleftherios

You may now choose between the patched version


and the unpatched one



2008/9/1 and 2008/9/2 Installed FSL 4.1.0



to use it

Fixed, added load sharing wrappers, accidentally deleted fsl3.2, hope no-one need it.


2008/02/06 Added load balancing to FSL

All FSL 4.0.1 commands are now executed with load balancing.

Details... wrote python script /imaging/local/spm/loadshare/ which launches an FSL command on the currently least busy machine. Then, /imaging/local/spm/loadshare/ which makes symbolic links in /imaging/local/linux/bin/fsl-4.01/bin/loadshare/bin

This directory is now added by fsl_4.0.1_setup instead of the one with the actual commands in.

If you wish to run multiple scripts or jobs in parallel launch with separate xterms like this:

   xterm -e [your command 1] &
   xterm -e [your command 2] &
   e.g., xterm -e feat myscript.fsf &

[RC, MM]

2007/12/12 Added FSL 4.0.1

To use, type


at the Linux prompt