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FSL information

FSL is the FMRIB Software Library. It is a C / C++ / Tcl/Tk package written by the Oxford analysis group.

For more information see:

On our system, the current version of FSL (that is, the version you get by typing 'fsl' at the command prompt) is the one pointed to by the link /imaging/local/linux/fsl. At the time of writing this is the slightly outdated 3.2 version.

You can find the FSL example data set (http://www.fmrib.ox.ac.uk/fsl/feeds/doc/index.html) in /imaging/local/fsl/feeds.

The data for the FSL course is in imaging/local/fsl/fslcourse.

Any problems, report them to MatthewBrett or RhodriCusack.

Using a specific version of FSL on the CBU systems

If you need to use a specific version, rather than the one pointed to by /imaging/local/linux/bin/fsl, then define the path to the version of FSL you want, and put something like this in your ~/.cshrc file:

# FSL stuff
setenv FSLDIR /imaging/local/linux/bin/fsl-3.3.11
source ${FSLDIR}/etc/fslconf/fsl.csh
set path = (${FSLDIR}/bin $path)