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||<100% bgcolor="#FFFF99">'''Using a field-map to undistort EPIs'''
[wiki:FmBackground Background]
[wiki:FmPower Improvement in power!]
[wiki:FmFieldmaps Acquiring fieldmaps]
[wiki:FmDownload Download]
[wiki:FmRequirements What you'll need to undistort an EPI data series]
[wiki:FmReference Guide and reference]
[wiki:FmExample Step-by-step example]
[wiki:FmBatch Batch mode]
||<100% bgcolor="#FFFF99">'''Using a field-map to undistort EPIs'''[[BR]][wiki:FmBackground Background][[BR]][wiki:FmPower Improvement in power!][[BR]][wiki:FmFieldmaps Acquiring fieldmaps][[BR]][wiki:FmDownload Download][[BR]][wiki:FmRequirements What you'll need to undistort an EPI data series][[BR]][wiki:FmReference Guide and reference][[BR]][wiki:FmExample Step-by-step example][[BR]][wiki:FmBatch Batch mode]||
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Using a field-map to undistort EPIsBR[wiki:FmBackground Background]BR[wiki:FmPower Improvement in power!]BR[wiki:FmFieldmaps Acquiring fieldmaps]BR[wiki:FmDownload Download]BR[wiki:FmRequirements What you'll need to undistort an EPI data series]BR[wiki:FmReference Guide and reference]BR[wiki:FmExample Step-by-step example]BR[wiki:FmBatch Batch mode]

Batch mode

There is a batch method that allows you to write MATLAB scripts that automate undistortion.

A reference guide to the batch mode parameters in [http://imaging.mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk/pdfs/fm_batchmodedescription_v3p03.pdf PDF format is here.]

An example routine is given in the exampledataset directory (see step-by-step example).

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