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Fieldtrip is an MEG/EEG analysis software package developed at the Donders Institute. Fieldtrip has a number of options for time-frequency analysis and coherence analysis, and starting with SPM8 shares functions and data format with SPM.

Locally Fieldtrip is installed in:


The Fieldtrip developers release nightly snapshots of the code, so Fieldtrip "versions" are denoted by date. To use Fieldtrip, add one of these folders to your Matlab path, e.g.:

addpath /imaging/local/software/fieldtrip/fieldtrip-20100111

Like other changes to your Matlab path, you can save this to your path directly (File > Set Path) or add that line to ~/matlab/startup.m.

Fieldtrip will be updated when there are major changes to the code, or otherwise just to keep current with development (every 2 months or so). Old versions will be kept for at least one year.

The current version is always linked from /imaging/local/software/fieldtrip/fieldtrip-current.

Note that to add all of the required subfolders you may want to call fieldtripdefs in your script.

Key features

  • No GUI, so some Matlab knowledge is required
  • Analyses are generally highly customizable
  • Shares data format with SPM8
  • Strengths include time/frequency analysis, coherence measures, and nonparametric statistics

Getting started

The best place to start is the series of excellent tutorials on the Fieldtrip website: and A very brief local introduction can be found at FieldtripAnalysis.

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