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 * [http://pvconv.sourceforge.net Converting Bruker data] to [wiki:FormatAnalyze analyze format]
 * [wiki:Ana4Dto3D 4D to 3D image conversion]
 * [wiki:ImageJ Using ImageJ to manipulate data]
 * [[http://pvconv.sourceforge.net|Converting Bruker data]] to [[FormatAnalyze|analyze format]]
 * [[Ana4Dto3D|4D to 3D image conversion]]
 * [[ImageJ|Using ImageJ to manipulate data]]

Fetching and converting imaging data

Data location

For old WBIC Bruker data see BrukerDataLocation.

Data from the CBU scanner is stored in the /mridata/cbu directory in the CBU filespace.

CBU scanner structural scans are in /imaging/local/structurals/cbu. WBIC structural scans in /imaging/local/structurals/wbic.

See CbuComputingResources for details of the automounting system.

Other possibly useful data processing

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