Notes from informal meeting about diffusion

On 10 May 2007

Acquisition issues

Need for optimization for fibre tracking

Issues are:

CBU acquisitions

Need to investigate which is preferable for fibre tracking


For fibre tracking:

For traumatic brain injury patients (Virginia Newcombe):


CBU currently using FSL - see DiffusionFdtNotes

BrainVisa set up, but display not working due to OpenGL problems. Needs local (desktop) install

WBIC using dtiquery - good display routines, fibre tracking - algorithm? Have also used FSL - particularly for fibre track cross subject analysis using TBSS program (see below).

Open questions

How to do quantitative cross-subject analysis or fibre track anatomy in relationship to neuropsychology? Investigation of TBSS? Using FSL fibre tracking for statistical analysis across subjects of connectivity between areas


Hope to set up more knowledge sharing between WBIC and CBU / CSL. Maybe Wiki pages for WBIC on diffusion experience and software.

First step at understanding cross-subject analyses? Suggest journal club on TBSS main paper.

S.M. Smith, H. Johansen-Berg, M. Jenkinson, D. Rueckert, T.E. Nichols, K.L. Miller, M.D. Robson, D.K. Jones, J.C. Klein, A.J. Bartsch, and T.E.J. Behrens. Acquisition and voxelwise analysis of multi-subject diffusion data with Tract-Based Spatial Statistics. Nature Protocols, 2(3):499-503, 2007. Technical report: