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 * CbuMethods:WritingStimulusDeliveryPrograms:Writing stimulus delivery programs  * [CbuMethods:WritingStimulusDeliveryPrograms: Writing stimulus delivery programs]

There are many important issues that need to be considered when designing an fMRI experiment, at many different levels.

Designing your study

General principles

  • DesignBasics - some ideas on asking the right kinds of scientific questions with fMRI

  • [:UnderstandingFmri:Learning about the physics of fMRI]

  • DesignEfficiency - considerations on how to construct an imaging experiment that has sufficient power

Useful tips

  • [:TipsForDataAcquisition:Tips for data acquisition]

  • [:TipsForSuccessfulScanning:Tips for successful scanning]

  • For stimulus delivery on the CBU scanner see - wiki:CbuStimulusDelivery

  • ScanProtocols - CBU defaut imaging protocols

  • [WritingStimulusDeliveryPrograms: Writing stimulus delivery programs]

  • ScannerSync:Using scanner sync to synchronise your stimulus delivery program with the scanner

Of further interest

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