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The routine is `mb_5_slice_timing.m`.  You could use it like this: The routine is attachment:mb_5_slice_timing.m  It is installed in the CBU in the `/imaging/local/spm/common` directory. You could use it like this:
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timings = [slicetime slicetime+(TR-slicetime*16)]; timings = [slicetime slicetime+(TR-slicetime*nslices)];

Cbu slice timing routines

This is just a modified version of the spm slice timing routines that allows you to use other methods of interpolation for slice timing - see SliceTiming.

The routine is attachment:mb_5_slice_timing.m It is installed in the CBU in the /imaging/local/spm/common directory. You could use it like this:

P = spm_select;
nslices = 16; % number of slices
sliceorder = [1:2:nslices 2:2:nslices];
refslice = 1; % slice for timing reference
slicetime = 0.115; % time to acquire one slice
TR = 2.02726;
timings = [slicetime slicetime+(TR-slicetime*nslices)];
mb_5_slice_timing(P, sliceorder, refslice, timings);

Which would reproduce the standard SPM sinc slice timing.

For linear slice timing - do all the same up to:

mb_5_slice_timing(P, sliceorder, refslice, timings, 'linear', 'la');

This will generate linear slice timing files with an la prefix. You should delete the first, and probably the last volume in the series for liner slice timing, as it will have been interpolated with missing data.


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