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## Please leave this at heading level 3 (===) for inclusion in the comprehensive guide
=== Logging your CBU-based project ===
## Please leave this at heading level 2 (==) for inclusion in the 'preparing your study' guide
== Logging your CBU-based project ==

Logging your CBU-based project

You should do this after receiving LREC approval and as early as you can before scanning)

On receipt of LREC approval you need to arrange a project discussion with [mailto:lucille.murby@mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk Lucille Murby]. You need to take with you a copy of your full LREC application and approval letter as well as the Request for Slots form you sent to the IMC. Lucille will log your project and start a file for your Ethics Protocol. At the meeting you will need to confirm the selection criteria for your volunteers so that volunteers can be booked for you.

If you are using an existing protocol and the principle investigator has applied to have your name added via chaiman's action, the above meeting should be arranged only once the chairman's action has been approved.

If you are using an existing protocol and have not needed to apply for chairman's action (i.e. because you are already listed as an investigator on the protocol), then please book you project discussion with Lucille Murby as soon as the IMC have approved your study. Lucille will be able to refer to the existing protocol (assuming that it has already been logged with her by another investigator on that protocol) and list your slots on the paperwork already set up for that protocol.

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