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Cambridge Connectome Consortium

This group is interested in connectivity and the brain, and meets 11am-1pm on the last Tuesday of each month, at the MRC CBU (Lecture Theatre). Please email DarrenPrice for more details.

This group, which includes people from CBU and BMU/BCNI, subsumed the previous CBU CONIG interest group, but slides from that group can still be found here:

Upcoming talks 2017

28 Feb

Adam Liska (Rovereto, Italy)

Functional connectivity hubs of the mouse brain and their impairment in autism models

4 Apr

Brieuc Lehmann (MRC Biostats Unit, Cambridge)

Dynamic functional connectivity in fMRI

30 May

Daniel Margulies

Situating the default-mode network along a principal gradient of macroscale cortical organization

27 Jun

POSTPONED: Ioannis Pappas (Cambridge Clinical School)

The entropic brain during sedation

4 Aug

Konrad Wagstyl (Department of Psychiatry, Cambridge)

Bringing BigBrain to Cambridge

6 Sep

Alex Gramfort (INRIA, Université Paris-Saclay)

Non-linear Auto-Regressive Models for Cross-Frequency Coupling in Neural Time Series

12 Sep

Ioannis Pappas (Cambridge Clinical School)

The entropic brain during sedation

Past Terms

Autumn Term 2016

14 Oct (FRI)

Arjan Hillebrand (VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam)

Information flow in healthy and diseased brain networks

Spring Term 2016

26 Jan

Darren Price (Cambridge)

Cortical wave-packet analysis: measuring functional connectivity and dynamics with MEG

23 Feb

Andre Altmann (UCL)

Correlated gene expression supports synchronous activity in brain networks

26 Apr

Srivas Chennu (Cambridge)

Electroencephalographic brain network states and dynamics in altered states of consciousness

24 May

František Váša (Cambridge)

Modelling effects of lesions on dynamics in cortical networks

Autumn Term 2015

29 Sep

Jon Suckling (Cambridge)

Sensitivity and specificity of semi-metric topologies to mental health disorders

13 Oct

Stefano Anzellotti (MIT)

Modelling information flow in large scale brain networks

24 Nov

Kamen Tsvetanov (Cambridge)

The effect of extrinsic and intrinsic brain network connectivity on cognition across the lifespan

Summer Term 2015

31 Mar

Lisa Ronan

Getting Curvature Straight - a review of cortical gyrification theory

28 Apr

Ameera Patel

A combined method for artefact denoising and probabilistic inference in fMRI using wavelets

26 May

Linda Geerligs

Dynamics of functional connectivity in the healthy aging brain

7 July

Deniz Vatansever

Default mode network: The hidden core of brain processing

Autumn Term 2014

25 Nov

Mikail Rubinov

Whole mouse-brain network modelling

28 Oct


30 Sep

Matias Palva (Helsinki)

Cortical phase, amplitude, and cross-frequency interactions during task performance and rest

Lent Term 2014

27 May

Peter Fransson (Karolinksa Sweden)

A dynamic view of fMRI connectivity: Frequency dependent cortical hubs and network integration in the human brain

29 April

Marcus Kaiser (Newcastle)

The Human Green Brain Project: Computational Models of the Developing Connectome

25 Mar

Simon Laughlin (Cambridge/Brain Design)

How does energy efficiency shape the organization of brains?

25 Feb

Viktor Jirsa (Marseille/The Virtual Brain)

Dynamics of cortical circuits lead to switching resting state functional connectivity

28 Jan

Saad Jbabdi (Oxford)

Recent developments in diffusion MRI analysis methods

Autumn Term 2013

26 Nov

Henry Kennedy (Lyon)

Interareal pathways in the primate cortex

29 Oct

Joshua Kahan (UCL)

Dynamic causal modelling the 'resting' Parkinsonian brain, and network discovery

24 Sep

Marco Catani (IOP, London)

Local and extended frontal lobe networks

Summer Term 2013

25 Jun

Adam Barrett (Sussex)

Information integration, Granger causality and measuring conscious level

30 May

Jaco Sitt (Paris)

Long-distance information sharing indexes the state of consciousness of non-communicating patients

28 May

Aaron Alexander-Bloch (Cambridge)

Modularity and maturation of brain networks in childhood-onset schizophrenia

Spring Term 2013

30 Apr

Claus Hilgetag (Hamburg)

Linking cortical architecture, connections and dynamics

26 Mar

Gustavo Deco (Barcelona)

The importance of being balanced: Short and long range correlations in resting state

26 Feb

David van Essen (Wash U)

The Human Connectome Project: Progress and Perspectives

21 Feb

Pascal Fries (Frankfurt)

Q&A session on synchrony and connectivity

29 Jan

Laura Hughes (CBU)

Network connectivity in FTD and PSP patients

Dante Mantini (Oxford)

Novel analytical methods to investigate correspondences between brain areas in different primate species

Autumn Term 2012

27 Nov

Tim Rittman (Clin School)

Connectivity in Neurodegeneration: Components and Graphs

Christian Beckmann (Donders)

The brain at 'rest': investigating spontaneous activity in BOLD fMRI using Independent Component Analysis

30 Oct

Nitin Williams (CBU)

Measuring effective connectivity in MEG: MVAR, PDC and DTF

Martijn van den Heuvel (Utrecht)

Exploring the Human Connectome: The Rich and Famous

2 Oct

Ameera Patel (BMU)

Optimal preprocessing of fMRI for resting-state connectivity

Prantik Kundu (BMU)

Multi-echo EPI fMRI for resting-state connectivity

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