Getting Bruker data from the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre

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In the CBU, this is copied directly from the WBIC system to the CBU file space, and is stored in the directory /mridata/wbic_cbu. Don't forget this directory is automounted, see CbuComputingResources. An email is sent out to the ImagersCbuList as each dataset arrives. Sometimes, the data is copied before the reconstruction is finished. In this case, there may be no 2dseq file for some runs ( see the Bruker format page ). You can check for this by running on your Bruker data directory. If your data has not been reconstructed, and you are sure that the data is not from an aborted run etc, then you will need to speak to the CBU computing staff to discuss how to arrange to copy the reconstructions.


Machines attached to the WBIC network can see the data directly. This will be in directories such as /pvData1/nmr/guest, or /pvData/nmr/guest.