FMRI analysis defaults

This page describes the default analysis steps for WBIC data. These are data collected before June 2006 on the WBIC Bruker 3T scanner.

The description here is of the steps you will need to take in the GUI to analyze in SPM, with some discussion of the AnalysisPrinciples involved. Personally (MatthewBrett) I would recommend that someone new to imaging, or new to SPM, does a few analyses this way to get themselves used to the interface and the processing steps involved.

After a few runs of this you will start to thirst after some more automated system. You can try the various batch examples (SpmBatch2, SpmBatch5), or use Rhodri's AA system.

All the preprocessing steps (from data retrieval to smoothing) can now be carried out automatically, via Rhodri Cusacks AA scripts. It is highly recommended that you preprocess using this method when you are used to the analysis.

If you want to read this page on a printed copy, I suggest you also print:

You will get useful additional information from the SPM99 manual, Kalina Christoff's preprocessing webpages (which don't precisely apply to our data, but are very well explained), and from searching the SPM mailing list archives for specific topics, such as "slice timing" etc.