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You have just scanned your first ever subject and don't quite know what to do next. The following information will be useful:

1. Where is my data? br All the data from the CBU scanner is placed in //mridata/cbu/

To find out data there, you need to know: a) The ScanningNumber for a particular subject. (something like CBU090XYZ - ask the Radiographers) b) The ProjectNumber (something like MRI09XYZ - ask Marion) c) br //mridata/cbu/ will contain a folder with the name ScanNumber_ProjectNumber, which will contain another folder called YYYYMMDD_??????, which, in turn, will contain one folder each for your different sequences. The Dicom files for each sequence are within their respective folders.

br 2. Can I copy it to my Home? br No. Your home is restricted to 10 GB and your scanning data will soon exceed that (if it hasn't already). For most imaging purposes, you should use the imaging space. You need to be labelled as an 'imager' in order to get access to the imaging space. For this, contact IT. br Once you have access to the Imaging space, you could copy your Dicom files there, though this is not necessary. Your files will always remain in //mridata/cbu/ so you could just use those. But, any new files that you generate in your analysis should go into your Imaging folder. br

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