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Introduction to Signal Analysis In Matlab

Below you will find the schedule of our “Introduction to Signal Analysis In Matlab” workshops, held in the CBSU West Wing Seminar Room between 8-11 January 2018.

Matlab is the Swiss Army Knife of data analysis: no matter whether you are analysing neuroimaging data, behavioural data or your latest bank statements, Matlab can make you do things you thought were never possible.

These workshops are aimed at beginners, but some basic knowledge of Matlab is required, e.g. at the level of our previous "Introduction to Matlab and Scientific Computing" workshops. We are not intending to provide a full Matlab or signal processing course, but we hope we can significantly facilitate the first few steps. There workshops provide a basis for the following workshop series "Introduction to Neuroimaging Methods".

For other options, see e.g. opportunities at Cambridge University (, or on-line tutorials (

To hear more about skills-oriented training opportunities at the CBU, please register on this mailing list: (Non-CBU people can subscribe by sending an e-mail to skillstraining-subscribe (at) mrc-cbu (dot) cam (dot) ac (dot) uk).

You may want to have a look at other skills-oriented training options.

Any suggestions of feedback on our previous lectures would be very welcome.

All sessions will take place in the West Wing Seminar Room, and will take approximately 2 hours.

Jan 8 (Mon)

Jan 9 (Tue)

Jan 10 (Wed)

Jan 11 (Thu)


Sampling, Signals, Noise
Alessandro Tomassini

Ediz Sohoglu [PDF] [Mcode]

Functions And Calculus
Pei Huang

Darren Price



Matrix Algebra
Alessandro Tomassini

Arsene Ella [Mcode]

Filtering and Oscillations
Natalie Adams PDF