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= Welcome = = Welcome =mm

= Welcome =mm Please participate in our Methods Skills Survey, which will help the development of future training events at the CBU. It is anonymous and should take about 10-15 minutes.

Neuroimaging studies are carried out on the CBU site using a Siemens 3T Tim Trio Magnetic Resonance Imaging (or MRI) scanner that is wholly dedicated to studies in Cognitive Neuroscience. The CBU now constitutes one of the largest concentrations of cognitive scientists and neuroscientists on a single site anywhere in the world, with nearly 100 active scientists, students and research staff.

A priority in the CBU research strategy over the last 5 years has been to develop a strong research programme in neuroimaging, working closely with the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre, and more than half of the scientific staff and students are actively involved in neuroimaging projects. From emotions and memories to language and learning, functional neuroimaging is being applied in many different areas of Cognitive Neuroscience.

In many cases, this research relies upon support from healthy volunteers, although neuroimaging studies are also being conducted in various clinical populations, including depression, anxiety, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

This wiki covers (f)MRI, MEG and EEG have their own wikis.





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